About the Early Years Transformation Academy

The applied strand of the Early Years Transformation Academy (EYTA) is an intensive guided learning programme, run by EIF in partnership with The Staff College, Born in Bradford and Better Start Bradford.

Through the EYTA, multi-disciplinary leadership teams from selected local areas participate in a 12-month programme to prepare a local system transformation plan for maternity and early years services.

The EYTA supports local areas to bring together the people who are responsible for maternity and early years services, with a clear mandate to collaborate on system improvements. Working with teams of six to eight local system and service leaders, the Academy enables participants to use existing skills and expertise to build on system strengths and find solutions to local challenges.

The learning programme has four core modules, focusing on:

  • Preparing for change
  • Identifying vulnerable populations
  • System planning
  • Measuring impact.

Learning takes place via online learning materials, a series of design workshops, and practical local application exercises.

In 2019/20, EIF is partnering with five local areas: Barking & Dagenham, Dudley, Norfolk, Sandwell and Westminster / Kensington & Chelsea. For more information about the course structure and content, download the 2019/20 Prospectus.

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